3 Jan

Video Chat




Rediscover private video chat and messaging! Secure audio, video and text chat integration in SecuredCloud, provided by Spreed.ME, brings you safe and easy to use web conferencing, one to one calls and chat, putting control over your communication back into your own hands.

Spreed.ME and secure video and audio chat

Spreed.ME uses a technology called “WebRTC” which allows browsers to make direct, peer to peer connections between each other. These are fully end to end encrypted, both for audio/video and text chat. This means it is entirely impossible for anyone to eaves-drop on the conversation, including even the server administrator!

User handling is integrated in SecuredCloud so you will show up with avatar and user names all set up. You can also invite people without a user account to a call by creating a temporary password for a user (with the key icon). You will get a link you can give to them to join you in a call. You do not have to enbable this ability, though and you can also restrict the usage of Spreed.ME to a specific user group if you need to!