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Industry Services

We are not your teenagers cloud storage company. Securedstore provides services for key industries meeting individual discipline requirements.

  • Banking & Finance01
  • Education02
  • Law Firms03
  • Healthcare & Science04

Banking & Finance

SecuredStore ™ is the perfect solution for financial services and banking organizations to use for internal and external business file sharing. It combines the speed and ease-of-use found in consumer-grade file sharing applications with the security, governance and control of an on-premise solution. Unlike cloud-based services, which store sensitive data on public cloud servers outside of IT’s control, SecuredStore ™ is deployed on premise and on private cloud infrastructures. SecuredStore ™ integrates seamlessly with every part of the IT fabric – from user directories to security systems to monitoring and back-up services – ensuring that sensitive data remains under control at all times. Yet it also provides the ease-of-use and mobility users have come to expect from consumer-based services.



With the advent of cloud hosting platforms, many students and faculty at educational institutions around the world are taking advantage of the ease of storing and syncing their data seamlessly in the cloud. However, this seemingly simple technology creates a huge security issue for IT administrators—keeping that data secure when it’s usually hosted on someone else’s server.

SecureStore ™ is a flexible, file sync and share solution allowing educational institutions of all sizes to securely provide their students and faculty anywhere, anytime, any-device access to the files they need. With the ability to support most enterprise and cloud storage systems, SecureStore ™ grants educational IT admins the control they need over their data, while giving the students and faculty the best fix for their file-access frustrations.

Whether they are using a mobile device, a desktop, or a web-based client, SecureStore ™ provides educational IT administrators the ability to put the right files at their users’ fingertips in one simple-to-use, simple-to-provision, enterprise-class solution.


Law Firms

Cloud storage, document management, email & more–just for law firms.
SecureStore is a single cloud solution to store and manage your firm’s documents, email, matters, clients (and more). Eliminate onsite servers and too many disjointed cloud apps with a single cloud-based document, email & case management solution.


Healthcare & Science

The healthcare industry is in the midst of a massive transformation aimed at improving patient care and reducing costs. In the U.S., the Affordable Care Act, in concert with regulations such as HIPAA and HITECH, are driving the transition to automated processes. Over 80 countries and unions across Europe, Asia, Africa and North America have adopted data privacy and protection laws similar to those in the U.S. However, the information that drives these processes – clinical test results, medical images, patient records, claims data – is highly sensitive. Healthcare and life science stakeholders, therefore, must automate internal and cross-organization workflows while maintaining patient privacy and protecting intellectual property.



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